This Party Sucks

Does anyone know of any shows going on tonight in the Milwaukee, Kenosha, Chicago, etc areas that Atlas on Strike and The Meth Addict Bowling League can jump on and play quick sets? Our Iowa show got cancelled and we’re trying to find something before we head to Nebraska tomorrow. Message me or email me at if you can help! Thanks! 

Can anyone help me out with a last minute show in Iowa (Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, etc.) on August 3rd for Atlas on Strike (Twin Cities) ( and The Meth Addict Bowling League (Wisconsin) ( We just had our show fall through and our tour is about to start. We’ll hop on any existing show and play super short sets (basements, bars, venues, whatever). Send me a message if you can help! I can return the favor in the Twin Cities. Thanks! 


I’m on tour right now with Atlas on Strike and Charlie Siren and we just had two shows fall through. If anyone can help us out with a show on:

March 17th New York-Long Island or one of the burroughs or Jersey

March 18th Philly or South Jersey

We’re willing to play anywhere with any bands and we’ll play super short sets if needed. If you can help us out at all, send me a message. Thanks! 

Does anyone

book shows or know someone who books shows in Boston, Philly, Long Island (or NYC area), or Baltimore? If so, send me a message, I could use some help! 

If anyone in Michigan knows of any shows Atlas on Strike can hop on on Monday, or any backyards, garages, basements, living rooms, etc that we could play please send me a message. Our show fell through and we will play ANYWHERE at this point.

If anyone books shows in the Chicago area and Ohio and could help me out with a show on 

August 26th (Chicago)


August 28th (Ohio)

send me a message. Any help would be greatly appreciated since the shows we had there fell through. 


Does anyone book house shows in the Chicago area? 


Does anyone book or know someone who books shows in Indianapolis? (House shows are cool too)

If anyone can find me physical copies of any of these three things, I would seriously love you forever:

  • Motion City Soundtrack-Back to the Beat EP
  • Motion City Soundtrack-Kids for America EP
  • Paper Boats or Some Poems I Wrote by Dan Campbell

I missed out on the first two a few years ago on ebay and have been kicking myself ever since.